To add an App to your Bookmark website first navigate to the App Marketplace. You can access the App Marketplace by going into the Features section of your builder sidebar, and then clicking the App Marketplace section.

Once inside the App Marketplace you can navigate through all available Apps by default, or narrow your search using the categories on the left hand side.

Click an App card to open the App details page.

On the App details page you can read About The App, How it works with Bookmark, and Support details. You can also add the app to your website from here by clicking the Get App button or the Show Me button.

The Get App button will open a popup that displays any information the app will share from your website. Click the Continue button to move forward with accepting the agreement and adding the app to your website.

The Show Me button will start the process of adding the app to your webpage, where you can then approve or dismiss the action to keep or remove the app.

To approve adding the app to your website click the Keep It button. To dismiss click the Remote It button. You can make the selection in the bottom of the sidebar, or by hovering over the section on your page.

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