How to Create a Blank Website
How to create a website from scratch
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When you create a new website with AiDA you have the ability to scrap the existing website structure and start from scratch instead. When creating a Blank website the menu and footer layout and style will remain the same, but all Pages, Modules and Sections will be removed from the body of the page.

To get started you will need to click the AiDA orb in the bottom right hand corner of the website builder, where it will open to display multiple editing options.

When you click 'Want a Blank Website?' a dropdown will open displaying the details of the action, along with the option to have AiDA 'Do it for me'.

When you click the 'Do it for me' button AiDA will remove the Pages, Modules and Sections from your site, leaving you with a blank template to start building from.

You can implement this Blank Website template in any of your new or current sites at any time using the AiDA orb.

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