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How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication
How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication
Enabling two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator to further protect your account login
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Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an added security measure that impacts you login. When you log into Bookmark you will be required to give two types of identification thus making it harder for someone to gain unauthorized access to your account. You can enable two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator inside your Account Settings.

In this article you will learn how to Enable and Disable the 2FA, as well as where to get Backup Codes.

Firstly to find where to access the Two-Factor Authentication information, go into Account and then Account Settings from your Bookmark Profile. From there scroll down the page to the Two-Factor Authentication section and click the Enable button.


When you click the Enable button you will be prompted to follow a flow where you are instructed to download google authenticator, set it up, and download backup keys.

The first step instructs you to download the Google Authenticator app on your mobile;

Next, you will need to scan the QR code shown in the following popup within the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device. Once Bookmark is registered, you'll start seeing 6-digital verification codes in the app.

On the next step you will need to enter the verification code provided inside the Google Authenticator app into Bookmark to verify that you can securely log in.

On the final screen you will get a confirmation that the Google Authenticator is verified, and be provided with a list of backup codes that you can download/print.

Once the setup is complete you will use Google Authenticator as an extra step to login to your Bookmark account after entering your email and password, until the point that you choose to disable the feature.


You can disable 2FA from the Two-Factor Authentication section of your Account Settings at any point in time. You will need to click the Disable button, which will then open a popup where you will need to enter your Bookmark account password and the Google Authentication Code.

Once you have entered those details and clicked Next you have completed the process.

Backup Codes:

You can see an existing list of backup codes as well as generate new codes from within your Account Settings by clicking the View Backup Codes button within the Two-Factor Authentication section.

Codes are display in a modal window where they can be written down or downloaded as a list.

You will have 10 existing codes to work through, and once you have used those up you will need to click the Generate New Codes button to get a new list. If you generate a new list you will get a message letting you know that by generating new codes all of the previous codes will become invalid,

If you are unable to access your backup codes for any reason, please reach out to our support team to have them assist you by emailing or connecting with our team over the Bookmark live chat.

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