If you'd like to add an editor to your Bookmark website, start off by navigating to your 'Account Settings' in your dashboard.

Then, navigate to the 'Users' tab. From there, the first section you see will be to 'Add Users'. Simply add the user's you'd like to invite as an editor's information, change their permissions, then press invite.

The users you add should then receive an email invitation to become your editors. Both existing and new users can become editors. Existing Bookmark users will just need to use the link they receive from your invitation to log into their account so they become active in your profile. Any new users will need to sign up for an account so they are able to become an editor. You can confirm if they have become active or not in your 'Users' tab in 'Account Settings'.

And that's it! You can manage your users at a later date in the same section of your account settings.

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