Login to your Bookmark account, and select the website you would like to edit.

Once you’re in the Bookmark builder, select the Features button from the tab on the left.

Then, click the Bookings section.

Here is where you can Delete your Bookings. Simply find the Booking you want to delete, and click the Delete button.

Or, you can Delete multiple bookings at once by selecting them and clicking the Delete button at the top right.

When deleting bulk bookings a confirmation pop up will open, and you can either click "Cancel" to close the popup or click "Yes, Delete" and the selected rows will be deleted.

You can delete the entire event/appointment/reservation, if within the ‘Booking’ section in ‘Features’, you click on the gear button next to the booking name. You will now be presented with every single event/appointment/reservation you have created. You can delete the intended reservation by hovering over it and clicking on the ‘x’ button.

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