Login to your Bookmark account, and select the website you would like to edit.

Once you’re in the Bookmark builder, select the Design section from the sidebar.

Then click the Menu Layout section.

Here you will see three categories of menu layouts to choose from; Top Menu, Left Menu, and Unique Menu.

You can click the 'Show More' button to view all available menu layout options for each category. From here you can scroll through the options and hover over a menu layout to view a preview of how it animates.

The colours shown in the menu layout previews are pulled from the Style section of your website Design settings. Simply click on a menu layout to see it displayed on your website within the builder.

And of course, to collapse a category of the menu layouts click the 'Hide' button.

Once you are happy with your menu selection click the Save button at the bottom of the website builder sidebar.

If you ever want to come back and change your menu layout again but don't remember how, you can click the AiDA Wizard orb in the bottom right corner of the website builder to have AiDA walk you through the steps. Once you open the AiDA Wizard orb, click 'Change Your Menus' and then 'Show Me How' button to see a demonstration from AiDA.

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