Login to your Bookmark account, and scroll down to the Ask an Expert section. From there, click on the Ask a Question button.

Here is where you can add a title for your question, write down the details of the question you want to ask, and add relating tags so your question is easily discoverable.

Once you have your question drafted, you can use the icons located at the top of the text box to format and customize your message.

Here’s a breakdown of what those icons represent:

The first section includes the icons you can use to Cut, Copy, and Paste the text of your message. You can also use the arrow icons to Undo and Redo your work.

The next icon lets you check the Spelling and Grammar of your question.

The next section of icons gives you the option to Add a Link within your message, Remove a Link, or set an Anchor to a certain section of your message.

The next section of icons allows you to Add Media, Insert a Code Snippet, Add a Table, Insert a Horizontal Line, or Add a Special Character.

The next two icons let you Maximize your text box, and the Source icon gives you access to the source code.

The next batch of icons allows you to customize your font with options to Bold, Italicize, Strikethrough, or Remove the Formatting on your texts.

This section of icons can be used to add Numbers/Bullets within your message, Increase/Decrease Indents, add a Block Quote, Align your paragraphs, and select your Formatting Style.

Finally, you can use the last two icons to change your Paragraph Format, or customize your Text/Background Font.

Once you’ve drafted your message and you’re all set to go, click the Submit button, and one of our experts will get back to you shortly.

If you have any more questions or need any more tips and advice, we are here for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Live Chat at any time, and check out some more of our helpful guides!

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