Integrating Google Captcha can help protect your website from spam and password decryption. Completing the captcha proves that website visitors are human and not a computer that is trying to break into a password-protected account.

When Google Captcha is integrated to your Bookmark websites it will be applied to the following modules :

Subscribe Form

Contact Form

Events, Appointments and Registration forms

You can configure the Captcha keys within the website builder by going through Site > General Settings in the builder sidebar, and then scrolling down to the Captcha configuration section.

Here you will need to enter the Site Key and Secret Key to successfully use this feature.

To get these keys, firstly you will need to register your website with Google reCAPTCHA as reCAPTCHA v3 by visiting the link below;

Click here to verify your v3 Admin Console. and then click on the v3 Admin Console.

Here you will find the 'Register a new site' page, where you have to register your new Bookmark website.

On this page you need to enter the following;

  • Add site Label as Bookmark

  • Select the reCAPTCHA type as reCAPTCHA v3

  • Add the Domain of your Bookmark website where the reCaptcha keys will be configured

Then click the checkboxes on for Accept the reCaptcha Terms of Service and Send alerts to owners.

After this step, you will have both the Site Key and Secret Key for your website.

Copy these keys and paste them back in the website configuration under Site > General Settings > Captcha configuration as mentioned earlier.

After those keys are populated and you have toggle the Show Captcha option 'On' you will need to Publish your website.

Once the site is live you will be able to preview the Google captcha statistics within the Google captcha Admin portal.

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