Recurring Payments

When setting up your Moneris Checkout account details there is a section where you will need to add the URL of your recurring payment Terms and Conditions.

When this field is filled with a link your live checkout will show a required checkbox if customers choose a recurring payment option as seen below;

To enable recurring billing for products in your online store you need to create the product option "Choose recurring time period" / "Choisir une période récurrente" for this product in the "Options" tab by clicking Add New Option.

The title for this option must be "Choose recurring time period" or "Choisir une période récurrente". Then you can add the recurring options as values to this product option.

You need to use the following values since they are programmed in the add-on:

  • "None" / "Aucun";

  • "Daily" / "journalier";

  • "Weekly" / "de la semaine";

  • "Monthly" / "au mois";

  • "End of Month" / "fin du mois"

When setting up the option values you can decide what exact recurring options to list. You can list all of them (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, End of Month), or you can list just a few of them (Monthly and End of Month).

A recurring payment will be created in Moneris for those values only. Each order can only contain one recurring item at a time. Separate orders would need to be created to add other recurring amounts. You can also make this product non-taxable.

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