You can add Zapier integrations to your Bookmark website by connecting your Zapier account in the website builder.

To turn on your Zapier integration go into your website builder and click the 'Features' section in your sidebar, and then navigate to the App Marketplace section and select the Zapier integration from the available options.

This will take you to a page where you can find more details about the application and how it is integrated with Bookmark.

Clicking the 'Get App' button you will see a pop-up open outlining what information Zapier will require.

Then just click Continue and you will be directed to Zapier's page where you will need to either sign in or sign up for a Zapier account.

Once you have a Zapier account you should be directed to a screen showing that you have been invited to use Bookmark on Zapier, and you will need to click the 'Accept Invite & Build a Zap' button at the bottom of the page.

Once you are in your account you will want to go to your dashboard and click the 'Make a Zap' button.

The first step in making your Zap is adding the trigger. You will want to search for Bookmark in the search field and select Bookmark (1.0.0) as your app.

The you can select one of the 5 available event options in the dropdown menu: either contact form, subscription form, event form, appointment form, or reservation form.

Click 'Continue' and then 'Sign in to Bookmark' to prompt a popup to approve authorization for Zapier to access your Bookmark account.

Click 'Authorize' and then 'Continue' back on the Zapier page to choose your website that the trigger will pull from.

Then click 'Continue' to and then 'Test trigger'. You can confirm if the test was successful back in the Messages section of your website Dashboard. You should see a test message was submitted.

Now you can move on to Section 2 which is setting up the Action. You can search through the apps to pick which application you want to connect your trigger to, such as Gmail, Mailchimp, etc. For this example we will choose Gmail.

Once you select the app you can pick the event from the dropdown menu, in this case I will choose 'Create Draft'. Once chosen click the 'Continue' button.

You will be prompted to sign into your Gmail account in a popup window to grant Zapier access. Then you can continue on to setting up the action by adding the email that the draft will be sent to, who it is from, the name, subject, body of the message, and any signature or attachments you want to add. Complete the fields and click the 'Continue' button.

Then you can test the function by sending a test message from the contact form test prompt, by clicking 'Test & Continue'. When the test is approved you can complete the process by clicking the 'Turn on Zap' button, and you're done!

You can turn on multiple zaps with Bookmark now that your account is connected. If you ever want to remove the Zapier connection just go back into your Zapier account dashboard and toggle the zap to 'off'.

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