Please note that each case will vary slightly however this guide is designed to show you how you can import your products quickly and easily into Bookmark.

1) Obtain a CSV Export

This is the most important step. What you will need to do is get a csv export of your inventory. In the case of Bookmark you would go to Products, scroll to the bottom and then there is a export button.

2) Verify the Export

Once you have the file, the next thing you will want to do is open the file to understand how the information is presented. Ensure that you pay strict attention to the titles which contain information and the titles which do not. In our example, there is no shipping information.

3) Map the Export

Now that you understand the export file, you will need to import it. Go to your Bookmark site and access the eCommerce Settings from the Features section of your sidebar. From there you will need to go to Products and then Import.

Here is what the Import screen will look like

Here are the things you will want to make sure of:
1) You on are the CSV tab (at the top)

2) The correct file is uploaded

3) Your delimiter is set for comma

4) Character Encoding is: UTF-8

5) Ensure Skip First Line is checked off

6) On the left is a list of all the possible columns that you can use. If you want to use the column in the file you are uploading then make sure it is checked off in this list. If you do not want to use the column, leave it unchecked. You will also want to make sure that the order of the columns in your document match the order of the columns in the import page, so you can drag and drop the columns on this page into the matching order of your document before uploading. Remember back to my CSV where it does not have shipping information - I made sure to uncheck those options.

Oh No Something Went Wrong

First step is to take a deep breathe and remember that this can always be fixed. The first thing I did was read the error warning. In this case it told me a price was incorrectly entered. As such I went back to my CSV and scanned the price column. Sure enough there was a data point that used a $ when you are not supposed to use any symbols.

After removing that dollar sign, I resaved the file, went to upload it again, followed the same procedure, and it was a success.

4) Double Check

It is always a good idea to scan the products to ensure that everything was uploaded correctly. Sometimes an image was not available at that location anymore and it is crossed out, others it may have said no to Enable when you want it to be Yes.

If you have any trouble please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support Team either through email at or connect with us on the Live Chat.

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