AiDA automatically and continuously improves your website’s performance by increasing your visitor’s overall satisfaction. AiDA gets smarter every day and with every website to make suggestions that will improve your website to land you more customers. It’s simple, click the accept button next to a suggestion to let AiDA make the changes for you.

You can access your biweekly AiDA suggestion by going into your website builder to the Dashboard section in the sidebar. From the Dashboard you can see an overview of your most recent suggestion inside the AIDA SUGGESTIONS block.

If you want to read more about this suggestion click the 'Learn More' button and you will be taken to the AiDA Suggestions page.

You can also be taken to the AiDA suggestions page by clicking the 'View all suggestions' link to access a list of the current suggestion as well as any past suggestions you accepted.

If you want to view a preview of what the suggestion will look like on your website right away you can do so by clicking the 'Show Me' button.

This will take you into the website builder, and show you what the suggestion will look like on your website page. The sidebar details what the proposed change is and why AiDA suggests that you should add it to optimize your website.

You have the option to 'Preview' the change by clicking the 'Preview' button in the sidebar which will highlight the location of the change on your website. From there you can either ''Approve' the change to add it to your website immediately or 'Dismiss' the change to revert your website back to its original state. Once approved you cannot undo the change, and the system will publish the change to your live site automatically.

Another way that you can access the AiDA suggestion is from the AiDA suggestions page which is accessible by going to the Dashboard section, and then the AiDA suggestions section in the sidebar. This is the same page that the 'Learn More' and 'View all suggestions' link will take you to from your Dashboard page.

The AiDA Suggestions page shows you Current Suggestions, your Visitor Experience Score, as well as previously approved changes.

In the Current Suggestions section you an Approve or Reject the change after reading the insights, or click Show Me to view the preview within your website. If you click the 'Approve' button a popup will appear asking you to confirm or cancel the action.

Your Visitor Experience Score is updated once a week, and reflects the quality of your customers experience when visiting your site in that past week.

The Approved Suggestions show previous AiDA suggestions that you have added to your website along with the date applied and a collapsable 'AiDA's Insights' dropdown that you can open to view the full reasoning behind the suggestion.

You can always view the current AiDA suggestion until you decide whether to approve it or reject it by clicking the AiDA icon in the bottom right hand corner of your website builder beside the live chat. A notification number will appear when a new suggestion is available, in addition to the email you will get biweekly.

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