You can add a live chat to your Bookmark website by turning on the LiveChat integration and connecting your LiveChat account.

To turn on your LiveChat integration go into your website builder and click the 'Features' section in your sidebar, and then the Live Chat section.

On the Live Chat page toggle the LiveCat section to 'on' and then click the 'Connect' button. Then a pop-up will open prompting you to login to your LiveChat account.

If you do not already have a LiveChat account set up you can create an account in the pop-up and get started.

Within your LiveChat account you will need to complete a few steps.

Firstly add your domain as a trusted domain. Go into the Settings to the Trusted Domains section and add your domain to the field and click Continue.

You can adjust the positioning of your chat icon on your website by going to Chat Widget > Customization > Position in your LiveChat account.

Once you have connected your LiveChat account to your Bookmark website you are automatically redirected to this page by LiveChat to allow Bookmark access to your account. Click the 'Allow' button to complete the set up.

Now you are all set to save and publish the changes to your live website and the live chat will be accessible.

*Note: You can only install either Facebook Messenger OR LiveChat but will not be able to run two chats at once.

To remove the LiveChat feature from your site just go back into the Features > Live Chat section of your website builder and toggle the LiveChat feature to 'off' and save and publish the changes.

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