As a site owner you can share your blog posts across social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from within the site builder, and your site visitors can share your blog posts from your live site once you add the Social Sharing module to your blog posts.

Social sharing as the site owner

You can share your articles to your business or personal profiles within the website builder under the Blog section. Within the 'All Articles' area you will see options to share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

When you click the Share button a pop-up will open prompting you to login to your social profile. Once you have logged in you can craft the post within the popup and share to the corresponding social platform.

Social Sharing Module

In order to enable to ability for your site visitors to share your blog posts on their social platforms you can add the 'Social Share' module to your blog post from the Modules section of the sidebar.

Drag and drop the Social Sharing module onto your blog post page and then Save and Publish to activate the ability for your site visitors to share your blog posts on your live site.

When your site visitors click the social sharing buttons a pop-up will open and they can share your blog post to their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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