When the specific page you're trying to access can't be reached your website will display a 404 error page. You can now customize what that page will look like from within the website builder.

First go to Dashboard in the editor sidebar, and then to the SEO section. On the SEO page scroll down to the Custom 404 Page section. If you are using the free basic package you will need to upgrade to a paid package before being able to unlock this feature.

When using a paid package you will see the option to toggle the feature 'On' or 'Off'. After you have set it to 'On' or 'Off' scroll to the bottom of the SEO page and click 'Save Settings'.

Once you turn the Custom 404 Page 'On' and save the settings the builder will refresh and redirect you to edit the 404 page. You can edit this page using Modules and Focuses as you would any regular page.

When you are happy with the Customer 404 Page, save and publish your website. This page will appear whenever a page on your website cannot be reached.

You can edit this page at any time, or turn the feature 'Off' by going back into Dashboard > SEO in the editor sidebar.

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