Adding your Canada Post account

You can connect your own Canada Post shipping account if you have one. With your Canada Post account you can display at checkout lower shipping rates from the carrier as negotiated for your Canada Post account or more rates and services that may be available for personal merchant accounts.

After you connect your Canada Post account, your negotiated rates will be offered to your customers at checkout.

To add your Canada Post account to your store:

  1. In your shop settings, go to Shipping & Pickup, and then click the Add Shipping button.

2. Click the 'Set up Canada Post' button.

3. Select your shipping method and click the associated button to proceed to the next steps.

4. Once you have completed setting up the shipping method scroll down to the Canada Post account settings and click Use your own shipping account (advanced way).

5. Enter your Customer Number, Username and Password.
You will find the username and password in your Canada Post account. After logging to your Canada Post account, go to Programs → Developer and click Join Developer Program. Copy production Username and Password from "API Keys" table.

  1. If you haven't registered an account, you can do it at the Canada Post website.

  2. If you are a Commercial customer, also enter your Contract ID to offer discounted shipping rates at checkout.

  3. In the Regular Canada Post rates or discounted rates box choose Regular rates (if you don’t have a Canada Post account) or Discounted rates for commercial customers or Canada Post Solutions for Small Business members (if you have a Canada Post account).

  4. (Optional) You can also add additional shipping services that Canada Post provides, including Do not safe drop, Leave at door – do not card, Card for pickup and so on.

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