You can accept event registrations, reservations or appointments from your customers when you add the respective booking module to your website.

From the Edit Site section of your web builder, open the Modules tab. Then drag and drop either the Event Registration, Reservation or Appointment module onto your page and drop it where a black guideline appears.

Once the booking module has been added to your website you will have the ability to 'Select Existing Booking' to add to the page, or 'Create New Booking'.

If you click the option to select an existing booking a dropdown will open with a list of bookings that you can choose from.

If you click the option to create a new booking a settings page will open where you will need to fill in the necessary fields to create your new event, reservation or appointment.

Once you are done, click Save Settings. Then Save and Publish your site in the builder, and you will be able to to start accepting customer bookings on your live website.

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