When the customer makes a booking on your site you will be able to see it within the Bookings Dashboard section in your web builder as the event, reservation and appointment tabs are updated with each new booking. From this bookings dashboard you can view a list of your current bookings, and filter through them by date and time.

You can add as many booking modules to your site as you wish, and manage them all from within the Bookings Dashboard.

The status of the booking will show as PENDING until you click on the row or on the select tick box or on the down pointing arrow the row will expand down to display the information. If you click on another row the 2nd row will expand, but you can only view the details of one row at any one time.

When you click "PENDING" you will see a drop down displaying the options to either "Confirm" or "Reject" the booking. Clicking reject will change the status to "Rejected". If you click "Confirm", the status will change to "Confirmed".

If you click "Confirmed" but need to cancel the booking, a drop down will show saying "Cancel". You can select "Cancel" and this will change the status to "Cancelled".

If you wanted to search through your list for a particular booking you can enter a search term to filter the table to only show rows that contain that term. You can "Clear search" at any time to remove the search filter.

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