The steps below will walk you through how to add the appointments module to your website, how to manage appointments from the bookings dashboard, and the process the customer will follow in making an appointment on your site.

How do I add an appointment module to my website?

From the Edit Site section of your web builder, go to the Modules tab and scroll down to access the Appointment Module. Add the module to your website by dragging it onto your page and dropping it where a black guideline appears.

Once the module has been added to your website you will have the ability to 'Select Existing Appointment' or 'Create New Appointment' from the options that pop up.

If you click the option to select an existing reservation a dropdown will open with a list that you can choose from.

If you click the option to create a new appointment a settings page will open where you will need to input the following information:

  • Appointment name

  • Appointment description

  • Currency (optional)

  • Price (optional)

  • Location

  • Open days

  • Open from

  • Open until

  • Length of appointment

  • Available appointment intervals

  • Image (optional)

Press the "Save Button" to save changes or click Cancel to stop creating the appointment and exit the module.

The appointment module has now been successfully added to your website, and within the Bookings Dashboard a new tab now appears with the name of the appointment.

How will my customers schedule an appointment?

When the customer visits your website and navigates to the appointment module they will need to enter their details and press the submit button.

Once they have submitted the details a pop up will appear saying - "Thank you, your appointment will be confirmed via email". As the site owner you will then receive a notification, look to see if that time is free, and contact the customer to either confirm the appointment or offer alternative dates/times.

One important thing to note is that the customer cannot make an appointment if the current time is within 1 hour of the desired start time.

Managing your Appointments

You can view all customer appointment within the Bookings Dashboard page as the appointment tab is updated with each new submission, and you can filter through them by date and time.

The status of the booking will show as PENDING until you click on the row or on the select tick box or on the down pointing arrow the row will expand down to display the information. If you click on another row the 2nd row will expand, but you can only view the details of one row at any one time.

When you click "PENDING" you will see a drop down displaying the options to either "Confirm" or "Reject" the booking. Clicking reject will change the status to "Rejected". If you click "Confirm", the status will change to "Confirmed".

If you click "Confirmed" but need to cancel the booking, a drop down will show saying "Cancel". You can select "Cancel" and this will change the status to "Cancelled".

If you wanted to search through your list for a particular appointment you can enter a search term to filter the table to only show rows that contain that term. You can "Clear search" at any time to remove the search filter.

Deleting an appointment

You can view the steps to delete an appointment by viewing this article

Email Notifications

When you receive a new booking you will receive an email notification. From within that email you can click either "Confirm", "Reject", or "Cancel" and an email will be sent to the email address of the person who made that booking.

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