If you have a file that you want to make available to customers that visit your website you can add it using the File Download module.

To add the module to your page go to the Modules section and drag the File Download module onto the page, and drop it wherever a black guideline appears.

The next thing you will want to do is to upload the file that you want to use to My Drive by clicking My Drive in the editing sidebar.

Once in My Drive click New and then File to select the file from your computer.

Going back to the page that you added the File Download button to, we are now going to attach the file to the button by clicking on the button, and then clicking Choose File. My Drive will pop open and you can select the file that you had just uploaded by double clicking it.

Once you save and publish the changes to your website your customers can now click the File Download button and the file selected will automatically download onto their computer.

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