In order to connect your Amazon shop to your Bookmark e-commerce shop you will first need to go into the Shop Settings within the web builder, by going to Settings and then E-Commerce.

Within your shop settings you will then need to go to Other Channels, and select Amazon. Once on the Sell on Amazon page you should click 'Install' and it will take you to another page where you will be prompted to install your Codisto in order to connect your store with Amazon.

Once Codisto is installed you can Connect Amazon by going to the Catalog page, and then Codisto Listings.

The Connect Amazon button will open a popup to walk you through the prompts to login to your existing Amazon account to complete the remainder of the steps.

To sell on Amazon, you will need an Amazon Professional seller account. If you don't have one yet, you’ll see hints on how to create it. Then you’ll need to set it up:

  • Add shipping options and rates

  • Set up taxes

  • Specify your return terms

  • Add the info about your business and terms of service

Some categories require approval from Amazon. In the wizard, you’ll see a drop-down with Amazon categories where you can choose the category that fits your products and you’ll see whether it requires approval. You can also request the approval at this step:

You can edit your settings anytime later in the Amazon seller account. To get there go to Other Channels → Amazon and click Edit Amazon Profile.

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