If you are looking to host a virtual class on your website the first thing you will need to do is set up a page to display the video on.

You will need to go to Pages in the web builder sidebar and then click Add Page. In the Page settings add the Name of the Page and the Page Link titles.

In order to password protect your page so that only users that have requested or paid for access to the class can view the video, you will need to click on Advanced Settings within the Page Settings page to open up additional editing options.

You will need to check the checkbox beside Password Protect Page, and then add a username and password that visitors will need to enter to access the page. Then click Save Settings at the bottom of the page.

One that is set up you can add your video to the password protected page by first adding a video module, and linking or uploading the video of your class by clicking the video module, and then the pencil icon to add the source. Save the selection once added.

Once you save and publish your website, when users visit the password protected page to access the class they will be prompted to add your selected Username and Password before being able to view the page details.

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