Settings up Donations

If your business accepts donations you can set up donations as a product in your shop settings, and link the donation to a button on your website.

There are a few ways that you can set up your donations in your shop:

  1. Individual donation product with a set price

  2. A 'Pay what you want' donation with no set price

  3. A 'pay what you want' donation with tiered pricing options

Once you have set up your product you can then add it to a button on your website for customers to easily access your donation product and make their contribution.

If you would like to set up the option for recurring payments you can do that in the Options section of your product settings.

You can also set up your donations to be non-taxable.

Lastly you may want to change some of the labels that show up on your donation page.

Individual Donation Button

To set up a product as a donation you will first need to add the product to your shop in the shop settings.

1) Go to Features > E-commerce and click on Add Products

2) Input Product Image, Product Name and Price and save the product

'Pay what you want' donation

If you do not want to limit your customers to donate a set price you can set up a 'pay what you want' option in the pricing section of the product details.

Click 'Enable 'Pay what you want pricing''. And then toggle to 'Enabled'.

You can disable pay what you want pricing by toggling the option to 'Disabled' and saving the changes.

'Pay what you want' donation with tiered pricing options

Once you have enabled the 'Pay what you want' pricing as seen above you can also add tiered pricing as an option by clicking the 'Add fixed price tiers' button in your product pricing options.

You can enter the price of the first tier, and click 'Add price tier' to add additional tier options.

Linking your donation product to a button on your website

Inside your donation product details you will need to go to the SEO tab from the top menu. Once there you will copy the URL that is in green: This URL links to the specific web-page for this donation amount.

You will then take the copied URL and paste it in the hyperlink section of your donation button.

Save the link, save the website, publish, and you will now be able to accept donations for your business!

Recurring Payments

To enable the recurring billing for these donation price tiers, you need to create the product option "Choose recurring time period" / "Choisir une période récurrente" for this product in the "Options" tab by clicking Add New Option.

The title for this option must be "Choose recurring time period" or "Choisir une période récurrente". Then you can add the recurring options as values to this product option.

You need to use the following values since they are programmed in the add-on:

  • "None" / "Aucun";

  • "Daily" / "journalier";

  • "Weekly" / "de la semaine";

  • "Monthly" / "au mois";

  • "End of Month" / "fin du mois"

When setting up the option values you can decide what exact recurring options to list. You can list all of them (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, End of Month), or you can list just a few of them (Monthly and End of Month).

A recurring payment will be created in Moneris for those values only. Each order can only contain one recurring item at a time. Separate orders would need to be created to add other recurring amounts. You can also make this product non-taxable.

Making Donations non-taxable

In the Catalog section of your shop settings you will see a section called 'Mark products non-taxable'.

On this page you can add a specific product's SKU or name to the search field. Then tick the product where it says 'Select Product', and switch off the toggle "Select the new taxable status". After that, taxes won't be applied to the product.

When you decide to make the product taxable again, you should tick it and switch on the toggle. After that, the product will become taxable again.

You can click here to view a video of the process.

Changing your store labels

You will likely want to change the labels for your donation products, as they originally appear as ‘In stock’ and ‘Add to Bag’. You can use the Store Label Editor to change the phrasing by going to Settings > Edit Store Labels in your shop settings.

Once in the Store Label Editor click the ‘Add Custom Label’ button, and then you can search for the label you want to replace.

For example, if you want to change ‘Add to Bag’ to ‘Make a Donation’, search the phrase ‘add to bag’ and then replace it in the fields that appear with the desired new phrasing.

Lastly, if you want to add a product description for your donation you can do so under Catalog > Products > Edit Product

In the end your live product will look something like this;

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