For any multipage website you can now select which page you want featured as your website home page.

Within the Web Builder first go to the Pages section

You will then select the page you want to display as your home page, and then click on the pencil icon to edit the page settings.

Click on 'Advanced Settings' to open additional editing options.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and check off the box that says 'Make this my homepage'. Doing this will move your current homepage to bottom of the list, and the selected page to the top of your Pages list.

Click on the Save Settings button and your pages list order will update to display your new chosen home page at the top, and you will no longer be able to delete the page from the 'x' shortcut.

When editing your new homepage you will notice that there is no longer a slug name for the page link as your domain will land directly on this new home page.

At any point if you would like to select a different page as the home page you can follow the steps above for the new page in question and select the 'Make this my homepage' box to update your pages.

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