Bookmark provides several automated email and mobile push notifications. These notifications are sent to you and your customers due to various interactions with your online store. For example, if your customer successfully placed an order, they will receive an order confirmation email, a shipping notification, and so on.

You also have the option to send personalized automated marketing emails to your customers to re-activate and encourage them to buy once again. These emails upsell successfully because they are timely and highly relevant to the recipient.

Marketing emails are set up once and then sent out automatically when a particular event in your store triggers them. In particular, when your customers:

  • added products to Favorites, but haven’t bought them

  • left a cart with products in it

  • bought in your store more than once

  • haven't bought for 6 months, etc.

To enable this new feature it is only a matter of a couple of clicks, just go to your Builder → eCommerce→ Automated Emails and enable emails.

Types of marketing emails

There are different types of automated marketing emails your store can send. Use them all or choose only those that suit your business goals.

Favorite products reminder is sent 3 days after a client added products to their Favorites and reminds of the products a customer liked.

Abandoned carts reminder with a discount coupon is sent 2 hours after a customer added products to a cart and specified their email address at checkout. Each email contains a list of products the customer left in the cart and a button to complete an order. You can enhance the email efficiency by adding a discount coupon to it. This will increase the chances that a customer comes back and buys from you.

Order confirmation with related products is sent right after an order is placed. It contains the description of the order and products that a customer may also like. A customer will see that there are products in your store complementing their order and will have a good reason to come back and buy.

Feedback request is sent after the order was delivered to your customer. These emails show customers that their opinion matters and that you care if they are satisfied with their shopping experience. It will help to establish and develop long-lasting relations.

Customer loyalty appreciation is sent to a customer the day after they have placed their second and all subsequent orders. It helps to thank customers for their loyalty and establish a more personal connection.

Inactive customer reminder is sent if a customer does not show up for 6 months after their last purchase. The email contains last order details and your store featured products from the Store front page category.

Purchase anniversary email is sent a year after the order was placed. It features your store bestsellers, form the Store front page category. This type of email is especially useful if your products are often bought as gifts, as it may remind your clients of their special occasion and bring them back in search of new presents.

Enabling automated emails

Automated or triggered emails help you send tailored messages to customers at the right time. Emails are personalized to line up with their past engagements with your store. This means that each customer will see potentially interesting product suggestions for themselves. The more relevant your emails are, the higher your chances are of increasing sales.

Automated emails are set up once, and then sent out each time a customer meets a pre-defined trigger. Before enabling you can preview each email template, edit its content, and add a discount coupon.

To start sending automated emails:

  1. From your Builder admin (eCommerce option), go to Marketing → Automated Emails.

  2. Click Start Sending Emails to enable all available marketing emails at once. Or enable only those emails that suit your business goals

That’s it — from now on customers will start getting marketing emails in their inbox. You can track the statistics of the emails (how many emails were sent, how much money they have brought, how many coupons were added) at the top of the Automated Emails page.

Adding discount coupons

You can add a discount coupon to any of the automated marketing email templates. Special offers like, “Enjoy a 15% discount off your next purchase!” or “Free shipping for your next order” can be major motivators for your customers to come back and buy.

Add discount coupons in Abandoned carts emails as an extra incentive to finish the order, which can increase immediate conversions.

To add a discount coupon to an automated email:

  1. From your Builder admin (eCommerce option), go to Marketing → Automated Emails.

  2. Pick an email you would like to add a discount coupon to.

  3. Scroll down to the Marketing tools section and click Add Discount Coupon:

  1. Choose an existing active coupon not limited by the number of uses and applied to all products. Or click Create coupon to automatically generate a new one.

When a customer receives a discount coupon, they can apply code at checkout and get a discount for their next order.

Editing customer marketing email templates

Email templates are universal and can be sent as they are. But you can always change the verbiage and tone of the emails to match your store's brand.

To edit an automated marketing email template:

  1.  From your Builder admin (eCommerce option), Settings → Mail.

  2. Choose an email you want to edit, then click Edit.

  3. Make the necessary changes.

  4. Save changes.

  5. Send a test email to make sure everything is done right.

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