If you already have a domain registered at Google Domains and wish to use it for your Bookmark.com website, you can point your domain to Bookmark.com by following these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Google Domains account

Open a new browser tab (so you can follow along with this guide), and log in to your account at Google Domains.

Step 2: Select My domains

Click the tab to manage your domains.

Click the “DNS” Tab.

Step 3: Select the Advanced tab

In the next window, select the tab for Advanced options:

Step 4: Add Custom Resource Records

We will need to add two custom resource records, pointing to Bookmark’s IP Address, which is

Don’t worry - it’s pretty straightforward. First, scroll down the Advanced setting page until you find Custom Resource Records. It looks like this:

Fill in the fields as follows:

Name: @

Type: A


Then click the Add button.

Next, we’ll make the second CNAME that we need. It’s the same as the first one, except for the first field, Name. This time, we need www as the Name.

Name: www


Data: ns.bookmark.com

Step 5: Double-check your new records

Please make sure you have entered the correct IP Address. If you need to fix anything, use the Edit button beside the record.

Step 6 (Optional): Connect The Domain to Your Bookmark Website

If you haven’t done so already, it is now time to connect your Google domain to your Bookmark website. This is done simply by going to your website editor, then click on SETTINGS ---> DOMAIN ---> click on CHANGE under “CURRENT DOMAIN” and then Connect a Domain You Already Own.

Step 7 (Optional): Publish your Website.

Finally, to update the changes, simply Publish your website.

That’s it! Congratulations, your website is now live and successfully redirected from Google Domains. It might take Google up to 48 hours to make the changes, so please be patient.

And thanks for choosing Bookmark to build your beautiful website!

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