If you already have a domain registered at NameCheap and wish to use it for your Bookmark.com website, you can point your domain to Bookmark.com by following these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your NameCheap account

Open a new browser tab (so you can follow along with this guide), and log in to your account at NameCheap.

Step 2: Find the Domains area

To find the Domains area, click on My Site, found in the top left corner of NameCheap, then look down the page until you see Domain List near the bottom. Click Domain List.


Step 3: Click the Edit button beside the domain

Click the Manage button beside the domain name that you want to re-direct to Bookmark.

Step 5: Choose Advanced DNS Tab

You’re now in the Domain Management window. In the left sidebar menu, select Edit DNS. You should see something like this:

Step 6: Edit the A Records

Here we are at the nitty-gritty.

We need to edit 2 records in order to set up your domain.  If you see more than 2 records, delete the extras by clicking the garbage can on the right side:


The 1st record will be the A record.  Use the drop-down menu and select A Record:

Once you do that, you’ll be able to edit the A Record by hovering over the fields.

For the A Record:

  1. Edit Host so it displays the ‘@’ symbol.

  2. Edit Value so it displays the Bookmark IP Address -


One down, one to go.

In the second record, we need to edit the CNAME.  If the record does not currently display a CNAME record, use the drop down to select:


For the CNAME Record:

  1. Edit Host so it displays WWW

  2. Edit Value so it displays the Bookmark Name Server - ns.bookmark.com

Step 7: Save the Changes

Double check you see the same records as below and click ‘Save All Changes’ directly below the records:

That’s it, you’re done! It might take NameCheap up to 24 hours to make the changes, so please be patient.

Thanks for choosing Bookmark.com to build your beautiful website!

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