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How to Handle Rejections From Potential Clients
How to Handle Rejections From Potential Clients
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How to Handle Rejections From Potential Clients


Owning your own business requires some form of sales.  As an entrepreneur, we’re all salespeople in some format.   Below is a list of common rejections that you may come across when searching for clients.

Here is a saying that I really like, sales is a numbers game…. Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, NEXT.   

Basically, just keep reaching out and finding those who are willing to become your clients.  The website design industry is massive, there are plenty of fish in the sea.


Common Rejections and how to handle them

No money -

I completely understand that money may be an issue but you are running a professional business and a website is a foundation on any business these days. (talk about some expenses he already has that refer to the business) I can keep the website simple and just showcase some of your recent work and a contact form for potential clients to get a hold of you. I'll make it simple for you, the website will cost you $40 a month, that's just over $1 a day to have your whole company's information in front of clients at the click of a button.

No time -

I believe you don’t have time, that must mean your busy taking care of clients, which also means your company is successful.  Every successful business must have a website, even if it’s simple and to the point. Just something to show credibility and that you're not just some fly by night company.

Let me talk to my partner -

Make a joke about this objection - So Mr customer when was the last time your wife called you from the mall and said honey i'm going to buy these $200 shoes? NEVER, so you think your wife is going to be mad when she finds out you only spent $40 a month on an intelligent business decision? Probably not and if it’s a matter of divorce than you cancel it.  I bet she’ll be proud of you for taking initiative by taking steps towards making your business a success.


Can you send me an email with some information -

Sure i can but i’ll do one better, i will send you a few design examples of what i can do for you and you can reply back which website design you like the best and we can go from there on your perfect website.


I had one before it didn't get me any business -

I’ve heard this many times, when your investing $40 a month on a website you can’t expect the website to go out and find customers, it’s not always about generating revenue with a website, it will keep potential clients interacted with your company and allow them to see some work you have done in the past and be able to see your a legit business when they look you up online.




A website is so much more than a tool that closes sales.   If there is a potential client that is making a decision between company A and your company.  If company A has a professional website that is attractive this gives confidence to the potential client.   If you do not have a website and you are neck and neck with company A. There is a good chance you’ll lose that business.


Don’t have time to manage it -

Not a problem at all, once your website is complete and we have all your information on it you won’t have to do anything.  Just add the domain name on your business cards and maybe even put it on your vehicle and social media platforms.

Word of mouth works great for me -

Word of mouth is a great tool, but 9 out of 10 people will then go look up the business online, if there is no website to showcase your company chances are the potential client will go to a business with a website.  So you could potentially lose a word of mouth client from not having a website.


I don’t even have a computer     -

No need for a computer all our websites are mobile friendly so you can see your site right from your phone.  Also I am here for you to upload any pictures or videos to your website at anytime. I’m only a call, text or email away.

I’m retiring this year -

Are you selling the business? If so a website is going to be a key selling feature for the company’s success to the next business owner.

I have to ask my business partner -

Ok I can respect that, how about i send you a few examples to show your business partner what you have been up to today.  I can assure you that any business partner will be excited to see a few examples of what your business can look like online. Than you 2 can make a proper business decision together on what website fits both of you.

I don’t see the value in a website -

Having a professional foot print online is vital.  If you don’t showcase your work than clients won’t see the value in your services or products.  Consumers these days go online to research businesses to make the right decision. Showcasing your beautiful, professional website is a must to win clients.


I wouldn’t even know what to put on it, i have no pictures -

That’s ok i can create you a website with some stock images geared to your specific business type.  As time goes by you can start taking pictures of your work and send them to me via email or text, I will then upload them to your site when the time comes.  


Too expensive -

I haven’t even told you the price yet.  The best part about a website is that they can be custom to fit budgets for our clients. How does $40 a month with no contract (able to cancel anytime) sound to have a fully optimized, mobile, SEO friendly website? I will even send you some examples of what I had in mind before you even have to commit to anything.



Close the sale - 

As soon as you feel there is some interest go for the close. Ok great MR Customer do you happen to have a credit card that gives you cashback or reward points?

Yes, actually I do!

Ok perfect let's go ahead with that one, is it a visa, Mastercard, or Amex?

Great, I'm ready when you are.

Get card number and start getting paid.

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