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How to Get Clients Through Facebook
How to Get Clients Through Facebook
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How to Get Clients Through Facebook

Facebook is a tremendous source of quality leads for your web design business.  Did you know there are over 70 milion Facebook business pages? Many of these Facebook pages are the businesses only web presence.   There is a big opportunity that lies here to convert Facebook business pages into websites as your clients and start to earn recurring revenue.

Before we begin, leaf through these business categories to find one to begin with that you are most familiar with.   There are many to choose from, might as well start with your favourite.   

Let me now show you how how easy it is to get new customers with these 3 steps.

Step 1)

Search for a business in the Facebook search bar and go to the tab Places,

Once you are on the places tab of a specific business you are now ready to canvas through these businesses to see who does not have a website that could use your services.  

I’ll show you how to do it.

Let’s select the first business,

Each Facebook page has a spot where the business would add their website address.  As you can see this specific business which was first in the list has a website already.  However, just because a specific company may have a website, there can still be a potential sale here.   Many business owners are ready to upgrade their website to an A.I powered, responsive website builder with the latest technologies in web design.

It’s important to be remain up to date on all Bookmark Features.

If the business owner does not have a website then this would be a great warm lead.   Use one of the Agency Email Templates that are provided to reach out to this potential customer offering your services.

This is the biggest opportunity on Facebook to really get direct contacts into millions of businesses who may need a website.  The possibilities are endless, especially when you consider all the Business categories there are to search for in Facebook.

Step 2)

Go into business specific Facebook Groups.

Let’s continue with the same business example “ Painters “.   

Go to the painters groups area by clicking the tab Groups.

Now inside this list you will find a huge amount of groups that have 1000’s of business owners specific to the business category you picked.

You need to request access to a group.   When approved, which could take several days sometimes you don’t want to come in guns a blazing right away promoting yourself.   First we need to add participate in the group by adding several comments over a specific time period, you can determine that. Also, make a few interesting posts of your own, and then slowly slip in the fact that you are a website design agency who can make a website for anyone.  

Remember many of these people you meet have no website at all.  If you come across as a trustworthy, capable web designer then you will surely get interested people.   

Step 3)

Go into business specific Facebook Pages.

Let’s continue with the same business example “ Painters “.   

Go to the painters groups area by clicking the tab Pages.

This is similar to groups in the previous step, the main difference is there is no need to request to join each group.   

Pages welcome all to immediately participate.

Search through all the pages to find the best group where you will post your advertisement about your website design services.

Pages are more like a classifieds board for a specific business category.

Wrap Up

Don’t forget that there are one hundred plus different business categories for you to search through on Facebook to apply the prospecting techniques mentioned above.

Here is a great list of business categories for you to choose from at HomeStars.

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