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Tips and Tricks for Design Agencies
Tips and Tricks for Design Agencies
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Tips and Tricks for Design Agencies

Bookmark Agency Program is setup to make your life easier than ever and make you more money!  

We’ve got a great trick that will save you even more time when creating your clients websites?

Are you ready to hear it?


Inside Your Websites menu, create 3 new websites.   Doesn’t matter which type of business as long as the style is different.  For example, one website with a left menu, one website with a top menu and one website that is a single page menu.

Now that you have 3 websites, we’re going to use these as your templates which you can later duplicate and transfer into future client accounts.   

Seeing where we are heading with this?

If you PERFECT 3 websites of slightly different styles you can easily change the text, images and add your new clients content.

Here is how it’s exactly done.

1 - Create 3 different websites inside YOUR WEBSITE menu.  Perfect these websites as if they will be used for a paying client.

2 - When you have a new client, use one of the websites you’ve created, click DUPLICATE.  Now that you have an exact copy of the original website add the new content for your client.

3 - Create your client profile inside YOUR CLIENTS.

4 - Once you have a client, plus a duplicated new website completed, click the TRANSFER website button to move the website into the client you choose.

Voila!  You have used an existing template, changed the content for your new client and transferred the completed website into the clients account.

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