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Creating Your Design Agency Website
Creating Your Design Agency Website
The first step of your Internet presence
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Creating Your Design Agency Website

Every quality design agency needs to have their own website to showcase prices and services offered.   We’ve got your back, as part of your membership we’ve created a starting point for your very own design agency website.

Go to the menu Your Websites.  

Here you will find a website titled agency, this is a template which you can use to customize your specific business information.


Your Agency Website Sections

Start editing your agency website to customize it to your business.  You will be able to use this website as similar to a brochure to explain to potential clients what you can do for them, what it will cost and why they should trust you to get the job done right.

Let’s get started with editing your agency website from the top down.

Your brand name -  Emily Smith is a made up name.   Enter your name or logo here.

Call To Action ( header ) - What is the first words you want potential clients to know you for?  Add this to your header and be memorable.

Also, there is a call to action button inside the header which needs your attention.  Some options would be to link the button to your email or add an anchor down the page to the contact us section to have a potential client get a hold of you.

Update Bio - Emily Smith is a made up person.  Potential clients want to know who they will be working with.  Add an image or company logo here with information about yourself.

Add Services - We’ve created a section for you to showcase 3 services that you want to offer clients.   Here you can write a short outline of what your expertise are and how you can help potential clients.

Call To Action ( mid page ) - Potential clients are learning about your agency.   They’ve scrolled through your website and now it’s time to once again give them a reason to contact you to start a discussion.   Make this area short and to the point with a direct call to action within the button.

Pricing - Typical pricing has 2 or 3 options for your services.  Give potential clients options by offering more or less services depending on what their requirements are.   You could differ each of these prices by number of website pages, the total support you offer a client, or more complex websites like e-commerce stores.   

Portfolio ( My work ) - Before a potential client is ready to commit to working with you as a designer, seeing a few examples of work that you’ve done is important.   This section is where you can showcase your best websites.

Testimonials - Trust is important.  Before a potential client is ready to commit to working with you they would like to know they are in good hands with someone who’s reliable and won’t disappear after their website is complete.   Add some testimonials here from past clients who are happy. This will go a long way.

Contact Us - Give potential clients a way to reach you.  Add as many options as possible, email, phone, social media and of course the contact form.  


Remember, this design agency website is a representation of who you are as a business.  Look professional, give potential clients a sense of trust it will go a long way.

You don’t have to use all the suggestion sections that are present in the website, feel free to customize the website anyway you want.

Connect your own domain name to this website.  

Now you have your own design agency website, you’re all set and ready to move to step 3 which we’ll go over creating your first client.

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