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Introduction to Setting Up Your Design Agency
Introduction to Setting Up Your Design Agency
Getting Started 101
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Introduction to Setting Up Your Design Agency

You’ve made it!   

Congratulations on becoming the latest agent.  We’ve designed the Bookmark agency program to allow you to create and run a full fledged business from anywhere.  Whether it’s full time or part time you’ll have all the tools and resources needed to generate steady income for years to come.  

We’ve created a step by step walkthrough which will get you started and on the right path.  You don’t need to be a graphic designer or have coding experience, Bookmark is a simple to use A.I powered website builder that practically designs the websites for you.   

Inside the 7 step walkthrough we’ll teach you exactly how to setup your agency website, create your first client, and then show you exact methods used to find clients that need websites.  These methods are proven and are being used by 1000’s of agents across the world right now to create successful businesses.

You can do it too.  We’ll show you how, and are here to support you.   Let’s go to step 2 which will give you information on setting up your design agency website.

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