How Do I Get Paid?
Getting Income from your Agency
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How Do I Get Paid

How are sales tracked?

Sales are tracked through the Bookmark Dashboard through the Your Earnings section. Here it will show you the monthly recurring revenue for all your clients, the clients, and their respective pricing.

Keep in Mind - the monthly recurring revenue will only show for clients that are set-up on Option 1 (Bookmark does the billing), if you chose to pay the flat rate, we will not track the sales. Furthermore, the Total Revenue section on the right-hand side will be your portion of the 60/40 split. This can be cashed out at any time once you have hit the required minimum for your method of payment.

Getting Paid!

You selected your preferred payment method when you signed up for the agency account. This can be updated or changed to a new payment method at any time.

You will receive payments every month on the 15th.

Depending on your payment method you will need to hit a minimum revenue in the payment period before the payout is processed.

  • Check - $100 minimum (no processing fee)

  • PayPal - $100 minimum ($2 processing fee)

  • Wire transfer - $500 minimum ($50 processing fee)

After clicking on the Request Payment option you will be brought to a screen where you can either update your payment details or process payment.

If you are receiving payment by cheque, please ensure that your address is correct

If you are receiveing payment by PayPal, please ensure that we have the correct name and PayPal email

If you are receiving payment by Wire Transfer, please ensure that we have all of the correct banking details

Where do I view upcoming payments?

Reporting dashboard in PAP

What happens if a client cancels?

If a client cancels their relationship with the agency.  The agency will no longer have access to the client account.  They do have the option to re-engage with the agency and start back up at any time.

If the client does split from the agency account and operate on their own, the agency will continue to make revenue from that client for as long as they remain a paying member on bookmark.

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