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Agency Platform Overview
Agency Platform Overview
What is an “Agency” platform?
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What is an “Agency” platform?

Bookmark Agency / reseller program allows you to sell website design services directly to your own customers for your own price, with no coding required.

With the Bookmark Agency program you don’t have to waste time editing templates, spend money on hosting or outsourcing, connecting payment gateways.  We handle all the details so that all you have to do is find more clients and grow your business.

Why Choose Bookmark’s Agency Platform?

  • It’s the easiest way to start up your own web design agency.  Start up cost is only $99 per year and you can start getting clients and making money instantly.

  • You do not need any previous design or coding experience.  This platform gives you all the tools you need to start building beautiful websites and helps you learn more advanced techniques as you grow your business.

  • Set your own price points for clients.  This gives you the flexibility to offer cheaper websites for people who need a basic setup and more expensive websites for people you require more monthly support or additional features.

  • Recurring billing is handled through the platform so you don’t need a personal payment gateway.  You will get paid on the 15th of every month through your preferred payment method: check, wire transfer or PayPal.

  • You have 1 click access to every client account for easy updates.

  • Unlimited website license for unlimited earning power.

  • Free hosting for unlimited websites with every agency account.  Hosting is provided by Amazon AWS.

  • Change prices anytime with client approval.  This makes it easy to adapt to the financial situation of the client and retain more customers.

  • The Client has access and ownership of the account.

Why is this better than selling templates?

Selling template website has a number of downsides.  Customers will never have a truly unique website.

When using pre-built or custom website templates, you likely have to pay for monthly hosting.   With Bookmark, hosting is free for all websites on Amazon AWS.

No custom plugins, or on-going updates needed.

Every website will be unique and specific to the client's needs as a business depending on the industry,

Do I need to know coding?


You do have the option of using the custom code module within the builder to add custom integrations or features, but it is not required.

What plans can I offer Clients?

Agencies can offer Bookmark’s standard plans to clients”

  1. Professional Plan: Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth

  2. Business Plan: Professional Plan + Ecommerce Ready

Agencies can offer these plans to clients at 12 different price points from $7 - $125 per month depending on the client, the support, the design time and the add ons you choose to offer.

How do I get paid?

You will get paid directly from Bookmark on a monthly basis. Choose from 3 options:

Check, Wire, PayPal.

Payments are processed every month.

Bookmark Supports your Success

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