Selling digital products brings a layer of complexity to your online store. Here’s a brief collection of the most common questions to help manage, promote, and sell digital products.

In this article:

  1. How to customize the email with download links?

  2. How to offer free promotional e-goods?

  3. What happens if a customer's download is interrupted?

  4. What are the limitations for digital products?

You can modify the notification sent when your customers purchase a digital product in your store Control Panel → Settings → Mail.

How to offer free promotional e-goods? 

There are two ways to offer digital goods for free:

First way

  1. Create a product with zero price.

  2. Attach a file to it under the Files tab.

Your customers will add this product to cart, place an order and get download links without paying anything.

To make the process for these free orders more smooth, we recommend to enable the Skip payment method selection, if the order total is zero option and to make your store automatically set the Paid status for free orders. This way your customers will instantly get download link after placing an order. Here is the instruction on how to do it.

Second way

You can attach a file to a product by adding a download link directly to the product description. In this case, a visitor doesn't have to place an order – they can download the file right from the product page. How to do it:

  1. Upload your file to any hosting. For example, you can use SaberCat, it's free

  2. Add a link to this file to your product description.

If you use this way, you will not see the downloads in the orders list.

What happens if a customer's download is interrupted?

If your customer has any connectivity issues, the file will automatically continue its download once the connection is reestablished.

This works only if you do not limit the number of downloads.

What are the limitations for digital products?

Your store does not have bandwidth limits for digital products. However, file size is restricted based off your store’s paid plan.

Please take note of Fair Usage Policy. We monitor the use of the server resources, and overuse may result in a warning or a limitation to stores that abuse the system.

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