What are the different membership types on Bookmark?

Bookmark has three membership types: Basic, Pro and Business. Briefly:

Basic is our 100% free membership level that allows you to create a website on a subdomain of Bookmark, and access our e-Learning courses and community forum.

Pro and Business plans are upgrades that allow you to unlock more advanced features like custom domains, custom footer (no advertising), and e-commerce.

Both Pro and Business can be purchased as monthly or yearly memberships. There is a 20% discount and other free stuff if you subscribe to a yearly plan!

For a detailed chart showing the features included in each plan, check out our Pricing page.

I don’t want to pay for a Business plan before I create my store. Do I have to upgrade first?

No, you don’t have to upgrade before you create your store.

You can set up your entire store on your website, and even publish it, while you are a Basic or Pro member. The check-out will be disabled until you upgrade to a Business plan.


I’m a Basic member and I want to add a store to my site. What plan should I upgrade to?

Adding an e-commerce store to your site is a feature included in Bookmark’s Business plan. You can upgrade to Business Monthly (you pay each month), or save 20% over the monthly rate (and get free stuff) by purchasing a Business Yearly membership.


I have a Pro Yearly membership but I want to add a store to my website. Do I have to pay the full price of a Business Yearly membership?

Great news! If you have more than one month left on your Pro Yearly membership, you can upgrade the remainder of your Pro year to Business and only pay the difference. Your renewal date stays the same. On your renewal date, your membership will automatically renew your upgraded Business Yearly plan.

If you are within the final month of your Pro Yearly membership (your renewal date is less than 30 days from now), you can purchase a full year Business Yearly membership which is effective immediately. Your renewal date will be one year from date of purchase.

I purchased a Pro Yearly membership and got a free domain for one year. If I upgrade to Business Yearly do I get another free domain year?

Sorry, no. The free domain offer is one time per member.


I have a Pro Yearly membership and I want to upgrade to Business Monthly. Why can’t I?

If you have a Pro Yearly membership, that means that you have pre-paid for future months on Bookmark. To switch to a monthly subscription type, you would either have to wait until the end of your yearly plan (delaying the upgrade) or start paying each month immediately but lose the credit for the Pro months you already paid for.

Neither of these choices seemed good to us. Instead, we allow you to upgrade the remainder of your Pro months to Business, and give you credit for the amount you’ve already paid!  

You only pay the difference between the Pro rate and Business rate for the number of months you have left on your Pro plan (a partial month counts as one month). When you are within 30 days of your renewal date, you can switch to Monthly billing (effective immediately upon purchase).


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