Within the sales function, a properly executed funnel is going to be critical to long-term success. This guide will take you step-by-step from the beginning to end on creating a funnel.

To view this funnel in action, please follow this link: https://basicfunnel1.bookmark.com/


Step One: Structure

There are two critical components to any good funnel

  1. The first page contains a single call to action

  2. Limit the amount of links so that the client can only take the journey you want them to


For this example, we will start off by using a Multi-Page template with the menu on the top. This was chosen as it is easy to hide elements of your page and make it easier to work with. You will need to delete pages until you have the number you want. For this example, we are going with three pages in total (Landing Page, Upsell, Thank You)

Tip: you may need to cycle through a few designs till you find the one you want

As you can see I wanted to keep the page incredibly basic, with only one place for the client to go (the button). The Nav bar has also been completely hidden to ensure that there are no extra links on the page.



Step Two: Upsell/Downsell

This is the page where you can get a little creative. I went with a simple three-tier pricing option (one of our Sections). This not only keeps the entire site simple, but it also provides you with a few options that you could upsell, or downsell, it is all entirely up to you

Again you will notice that the Nav Bar has been completely hidden, and the only links on the page are the three within my columns.



Step Three: Thank you Page

This is the last page of the funnel, once the client has completed their journey, it is always nice to provide them with a thanks - this is also a great place to have any free downloads or other items you want to give every client




Step Four: Finishing Touches

Here is how you hide the Nav Elements:

Go to Pages - then you will see the pages you have listed with a few options. The eye is what hides or un-hides the page from the Nav Menu



All of the links on this page have been created using our Anchor module; for a great reference on how to use this module, please watch this video: How to Use Anchors


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