Note: For this to work you will need to create an account on - this guide will start off assuming that you already are logged in



Step One:

After you have created a account and made sure that the website you are using this pop-up for is the same name as the website you are creating (for this example I am using You can confirm by looking at the website in the top right-hand corner will provide you with a code snippet - this is what allows the pop-up to work and will need to be installed on your website with a code module


Within our modules section, there is a module that will allow you to input a code snippet. To enable this, grab the module and then drag and drop it so that the module is within the top section of the website. You then copy and paste the code provided from


Step Two:

Once the main code is embedded within the module, the next step is to create the pop-up form

First, you will need to click on Forms from the left-hand menu, then you will need to click on Create New Form (top right-hand side)


This will then take you to form creation where you can pretty much customize the pop-up to look and say anything you would like it to.


Step Three:

After you have created and saved the Form - the next step is to save and publish your site.

The code that you embedded in Step One is the code that will allow your pop-up and any other properties to work on your website.


For an example, please follow this link:

(please use an incognito tab)


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