You’ve asked the experts, and you’ve gotten an answer. Great!

When someone answers a question you’ve posted, you’ll receive a notification. Click the notification bell at the top right-hand corner of the page.



You can click through to your question from the drop-down notification window.


Another way to view your question and answers is to click the question title in Your Profile in Ask an Expert.

The question’s page will display. Here is a sample question, to show you what it looks like:


If someone has answered your question in a way that you found helpful or informative, you can upvote the answer by clicking the green up arrow below the answer’s vote score.

If you do not like the answer that has been given for your question, you may downvote it, but remember that you will lose a reputation point if you do this. See What is my reputation and how do I build it? for more details.

If someone has answered your question but needs more information from you, you can respond to their answer by posting an answer using the Answer box at the bottom of your question page, just like you would if answering a question.



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