Tags are keyword labels you can attach to your question that categorize it with other, similar questions, make it easier for our search engines to connect your answer to relevant searches, and provide easy access for the experts in your area of need to find and answer your question.

A list of the most popular tags used in the questions can be found in the right side-bar of Ask an Expert pages:



The full list of tags with their definitions can be found by going to the Ask Question page or Your Profile and clicking on the Tags tab in the top menu bar:




Adding Tags to your Question

You must attach at least one tag, up to a maximum of five tags to any question that you are asking. Below the question text box, you will see the tags bar:


To add tags, start typing the name of the tag, for example, Social-media. As you start typing, you will see suggested tags appearing just below where you’re typing. If you see the tag you want, click on it. This will add the tag to your question, and you should now see the tag in the space below the tags bar.



Repeat this process for as many as five tags. Try typing in the main keywords from your question.

For example, if your question was about adding social media buttons to link to your webpage, you tags might be: Social Media, button, links, pages, and Facebook.


To remove a tag, simply click on it.


Browsing Questions Using the Tags List

To browse questions with a particular tag, you can go to the Tags page by clicking the Tags tab at the top of the Ask Question page, or if it’s one of Bookmark’s most popular tags, you can click it directly from the Popular Tags list on the right hand side-bar.

For example, to see the questions tagged “guides”:


Step 1 click the guides tag in the popular tags list on the right side-bar


Clicking the tag name will open a page of questions with that tag.


Tags Descriptions

Not sure what a tag means? Each tag has a description. Go to either the Ask Question page, or Your Profile, and click the tab for Tags on the top menu.




The Tags page will open. At the top of the page is a search bar, where you can type in the tag you’re looking for:


Or, you can browse the tags, displayed in a grid below the search bar. To view the questions for a tag you see in the grid, click the tag’s name in the definition box.



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