This guide will discuss formatting in general, followed by specific instructions for adding images, code snippets, tables and special characters to your question or answer in Ask an Expert.


Formatting your content:

Our textboxes are provided by CKEditor for both questions and answers, so you can format and add elements consistently for both. It functions a lot like a word processor: you can copy and paste text, change the alignment of your text in the text box, and add bullets, numbers, and indents, and format text with bold, italics, etc. as you wish.

The text box formatting bar:


When you are viewing an opened text box, you can hover your mouse over the icons for a description of what each button does.


Adding an Image

Add an image by clicking the Image icon, which looks like the sun over a set of mountains.

Up close, the icon looks like this:

Clicking this icon will open up a window where you can add an image from a URL, adjust the dimensions of that image, and add a border.



Adding a Snippet of Code

You can add lines of code that won’t affect your formatting by clicking the Insert Code Snippet icon, which looks like a table with a set of triangle brackets on top of it, next to the Image icon.

Up close, the icon looks like this:


A window will open up where you can select the language of code you are using and a window for you to include the code content.




Here’s an example of some code snippets inside a question text box:


Adding a Table

Add a table by clicking the Table icon next to the Insert Code Snippet icon: the icon looks like a grid.

Up close, the icon looks like this:


The window that opens includes formatting information such as rows and columns, and you can fill in the table in the main window once your click “OK” for your formatting options.



Adding a Special Symbol

The “Omega” symbol (Ω) can be used to insert special symbols such as letters with accents.

Click on this icon and a window will open up with a number of symbols that you can select to insert into your text.



Get more help:

Get help about CKEditor by clicking the “?” icon to open the CKEditor help box:





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