Step 1: Click through to the question’s page

Click on a question’s title from anywhere a list of questions can be viewed. For example, the Ask an Expert’s main page, a search results list, a tag list, or your list of bookmarked questions in your Ask an Expert profile.



Step 2: Review what’s there

When you click on a question title, the question’s page will open.  At the top of the page is the question, and underneath will be any answers that have already been provided (if any).

Read the question’s details, and any previous answers to ensure that you fully grasp what is being asked, and what help has already been provided.

Here’s an example of a “sample question” with a few answers already posted.



Step 3: Craft your Answer

Good answers provide specific points in response to the details in the question: write in service to the question and the user who asked it, and be respectful.

The “Answer” text box uses a very similar system to the “Ask a Question” text box, just without a title or tags. You can format it much the same way as you can do to a question (ex. you can include links, images, and lines of code among other things): see our Guide: Formatting and Adding Special Content to your Question or Answer for more details.


Once you think you have written a detailed and relevant answer addressing the asker’s question, click the “Post Your Answer” button and the answer will be posted and in the hands of the voters.



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