Step 1: Click the Ask Question button

On the Ask an Expert main page, look to the right side of the page, where you will see a button called Ask Question. Clicking this button will open the Ask Question page.



Step 2: Check if your Question has already been asked

Your question may have been asked by someone else, and already have answers posted! Searching for your question before asking might seem like an extra step, but it just might be the only step you need to take and save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. It also reduces repeated questions and keeps our community running efficiently. Our experts are unlikely to answer the same question many times over, so asking a question that’s already been asked might even result in not getting an answer.  

When you clicked the Ask Question button, you should now be seeing the Ask Question page:


Type in keywords or a phrase related to your question into the Search Questions bar, and click the submit button. A new page of search results will appear. If you do not find the information you’re looking for in the existing questions, click the Ask Question button again on the right side bar of the search results page, and continue to Step 3.


Step 3: Writing your Title

The title is your question! It is what appears in search results lists, so it needs to be both specific and concise as well as relevant to the Bookmark site.

Your title should be in the form of a question and should make sense on its own. You will use the comment box for adding details and context to your question. Please ask only one question at a time.

Here’s an example showing some poorly-written titles, followed by a good one:

Not good:

Help me with Titles

Titles format

I can’t format my title



How do I change the font size of my page title?

The good question title is asked in the form of a question and mentions the specific challenge the asker is facing.

When you are ready, on the Ask Question page, write your question in the box beside the word Title:




See also our Guidelines for Asking Questions.


Step 4: Describing your question in detail

Below the Title bar, there is a large comment box where you can describe your question in more detail. Give background on what you’re trying to do and what you’ve tried already. You can format your question, add images or links, or even display lines of code. See our guide: Formatting and Adding Special Content to your Question or Answer for more details.


Step 5: The Bookmark Feedback button

Just below the comment box, you will see a small check box beside the question “Is this Bookmark feedback?”


Checking this box puts your question in the “Bookmark Feedback” category, where it will be viewed by Bookmark staff and can be commented on by other Bookmark users, but it will not be treated as a question to be answered by the Bookmark Community.

Be careful only to check this box if your question is directed at Bookmark staff to give us feedback on the Bookmark website - for example, asking for a new feature to be added, or suggestions on how to improve our site or service.

If you have found a “bug” or experienced an error, please open a ticket to our customer support team so we can fix it for you right away. Just click the question mark in the bottom right corner of your screen on Bookmark.


Step 6: Choosing Tags for your question

Tags are subject-matter labels that group your question with other similar questions. Choosing the right tags for your question helps our experts to find and answer your question.

Your question might touch on several areas of interest, so you can add up to five tags to your question.

Tip: start with the most general category your question fits into, then get more specific.



Your question is about adding linked social media buttons to a page on your Bookmark website. Your tags could be: social-media, button, links, pages, Facebook (or other social media platform).


To add tags:

In the Tags window, start typing a keyword you think applies to your question. As you type, a box will appear below the Tags window with suggested tags that match what you’re typing.



To select one of the suggested tags, click on it. The tag will now appear below the tag window.



Repeat this process of selecting tags until you have selected up to five tags that apply to your question.



To remove a tag, simply click on it.


Step 6: Post your Question

Your question is now almost ready to be posted. Before clicking the Post your Question button, you might wish to take a look over what you’ve written to make sure it’s correct and complete since once you post the question, you cannot change or edit it.


Do you have…


  • a title that addresses your problem clearly in question form

  • a detailed description providing context

  • up to five relevant tags


If you do, you are ready to Post your Question by clicking the button at the bottom of the Ask Question page. The question will be posted to Bookmark’s Ask an Expert under the categories “Newest” and “Unanswered”.


Step 7: Checking if your Question is answered

Any questions you ask are listed in your Ask an Expert Profile. To view your Profile page, click the Your Profile button on the right sidebar of the Ask an Expert main page.




You will see the questions you’ve asked listed below your profile picture. Click the title of any question to view answers and comments.


Still need help?

If you don’t get the help you’re looking for from our member community, contact Customer Support directly by clicking the question mark icon in the bottom right corner of Bookmark.


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