Step 1: Getting to the Ask an Expert section

From your Bookmark Dashboard (your profile page you go to when you log in), click on the Ask an Expert tab just below the top image.


This will take you to the front page of the Ask an Expert section.


Step 2: Take the Tour

Across the top of the Ask an Expert main page, you will see a banner with a button called Take the tour.


We highly recommend clicking through this quick and informative tour of Ask an Expert. It will give you an understanding of how Ask an Expert works with tips on getting the most benefit from Bookmark’s member community.


Step 3: Viewing the Questions

Continuing down the page, the next thing you’ll see is a line of icons:


These are the main categories that the Questions are sorted into. Clicking on any of these icons will change the list of questions displayed below to the category selected. Keep in mind these are general categories. For more specific themes, search our many tags.

If none of the category icons have been clicked, the default list is Top Questions. The Top Questions can be sorted by clicking the tabs to the right of the title: Newest, Unanswered, Popular and Trending.



To view the details of a specific question, click on the question’s title to open it. For more information on answering questions, please see our guide: How to Answer a Question.


Step 4: Navigating the Side Bar

On the right-hand side of the main page is the Ask an Expert Sidebar. Here you will find useful links and shortcuts.

Starting from the top, you will see shortcut buttons to Ask a Question or view Your Profile. Your Profile is a unique page to you that shows all your activity in the Ask an Expert section - your questions, answers, votes, badges, and reputation, bookmarked questions, and tags.



Next is a search bar where you can type in a keyword or phrase to search for in our questions. We recommend searching first before asking a question - it might be asked or even answered already! Searching questions is also useful if you have the knowledge to share and wish to answer other members’ questions.



And finally, below the search bar is an Activities Tab that displays the number of questions, the number of answers, and the Top Users currently engaging with Ask an Expert.



Next is a list of Popular Tags which you can click on to take you to questions and answers with particular keywords




And, finally, a link to our Customer Success Team if you need further assistance.


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