Earning badges is a fun way to mark your progress in Bookmark’s e-learning section. Your collection of badges can be viewed at the bottom left of your Dashboard.

Each Bookmark e-learning course has its own badge which you will receive upon completion of the course (i.e. completing all courses and passing the section quizzes for the full course, or final quiz for micro-course).


Course Badges:

Here are some examples of course badges on Bookmark.



But wait, there’s more!

Here are more badges you can earn by special accomplishments in Bookmark e-Learning:  


Completion Badges

  • Starting your first Bookmark e-Learning course: One Small Step

  • Completing your first entire course: Finish Line

  • Completing five sections of course-work: Five Alive

  • Completing five courses: Bachelor Degree

  • Completing ten courses: Masters Degree

  • Completing all courses: PhD


Score Badges

  • Perfect score on a test: Aced it

  • Perfect score on all tests in a full course: Teacher’s Pet

  • Perfect score on five tests: Brainiac

  • Perfect score on ten tests: Know-it-All

  • Perfect score on ALL tests: Super-Genius

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