Bookmark e-learning courses require a score of 60% or higher in order to pass a quiz. Passing a quiz allows you to proceed to a more advanced course level for a full course or to complete a course and earn your course badge for a micro-course or full course. If you score too low, you will not be able to proceed to the next section or earn your course badge.

The first thing to do if you score too low on a quiz is relax! You can retake the quiz anytime, whenever you’re ready, and as many times as you need to.

If you have scored too low on a quiz, it will look like this on the course overview page:

To re-take the quiz, click on the title: You scored too low on the quiz, let’s try again or on the red clipboard.

We’d recommend reviewing the lectures first, and maybe taking some notes to help you remember the important concepts.  

See our guide: How to Take Notes for your Bookmark e-learning course for tips on taking course notes.


Good luck! Your course badge is waiting for you!

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