Bookmark’s e-Learning Courses have been specially developed with our members in mind. They cover a variety of topics relevant to anyone seeking to harness the power of the internet for personal, professional or business purposes.

Each course is written by experts in their field, allows you to learn at your own pace, and tests your understanding with quizzes.

Whether you are just starting your online journey, or are well-established but want to learn more, Bookmark e-learning courses have something valuable and relevant to your needs.

In fact, it’s so important to Bookmark to support your success that all our e-learning courses are completely free to all levels of membership.



Are you a business owner with an interest in establishing or growing your business online, or managing your business’ online presence? Bookmark e-learning courses can introduce you to some of the wonderfully useful and intuitive tools available on the internet to help your small or medium sized business succeed. Some examples are:

  • Getting to know the Internet

  • Starting your Online Business

  • Introduction to Evernote

  • Getting to Know Google Adwords

  • Paypal Guide

  • Introduction to SEO


Social Media is not just for fun - there are some amazing benefits to be gleaned towards marketing your business, advancing your career, or building your personal brand through courses like:

  • Getting to know Social Media

  • Facebook Marketing

  • Introduction to Twitter

  • Personal Branding

  • Introduction to LinkedIn

  • Youtube Secrets


For members who want to take their website to greater technical heights, we offer topics like:

  • Introduction to web development

  • Basics of mobile web design

  • Web usability

  • Getting to Know Photoshop


Bookmark’s e-learning courses can be found by clicking the e-Learning tab found on your dashboard and many other Bookmark pages, or from the pop-out menu on the right side (click the hamburger icon - the symbol made of 3 horizontal stacked lines in the top right corner.)


Top Right Corner Pop-out menu:

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