In this guide we will cover:

  • Introduction to Bookmark e-Learning Notes

  • Adding a Note

  • Editing a Note

  • Deleting a Note

  • Reviewing your Notes

  • Searching your Notes


Introduction to Bookmark e-Learning Notes

Many people find that taking notes while learning new material is effective both for understanding and recall. Bookmark supports your e-learning efforts with the Notes feature.

All notes that you take are private to your account (no one else can see them).

On any lecture page, the Notes area is found on the right-hand side of the page just below the lecture index.



Notes you take for a particular lecture will remain visible only on that lecture page.  In other words, each lecture page will only show you the notes you’ve made for that particular lecture. All the notes you’ve made for all lectures in a course are brought together on the course overview page. See the section of this guide: Reviewing your Notes for more details.

Educator’s Tip: When taking notes, don’t copy the material word-for-word. Try to extract the most important nuggets of information from the text and put them in your own words. The act of thinking about the material and organizing it in your mind helps you to understand and remember it much more effectively than just copying the words down.


Adding a Note

You can add notes while on any lecture page of a Bookmark e-learning course.

To add a note:

Step 1:  click inside the notes box

In this example, we will take notes on the lecture “An Interface Overview” in the Facebook Marketing course. To start taking a note, first, click inside the notes box.




Step 2: type your note in the notes box

Type what you want to record into the notes box.



Step 3: save the note

This step is very important! To record the note, you must click the icon in the top right corner of the notes box. If you navigate away from this lecture page while your note is still in the Add Notes box, it will not be saved.




Step 4: confirm your recorded note

Your new note will appear below the Add note box. Each new note is added below the previous note.



Editing a Note

To edit a note you’ve already added, click the pen symbol at the top right above the note.


The note will open in a text box. Make the desired changes to your note in the box. In the example below, more text was added (highlighted in yellow). You can also change text, make corrections, delete parts of the text or make whatever other edits to your note that you wish.



Click the Save button to save the change, or the Cancel button to cancel the changes. In this example, the changes were saved, and the edited note now incorporates the new text:




Deleting a Note

To delete an entire note, click the X icon at the top right corner of the note.


Before deleting the note, a pop-up box at the top of the page will ask you to confirm this action. To confirm that you want to delete the note, click on OK. To cancel deleting the note, and keep the note, click CANCEL.





Reviewing your Notes

Notes you make for each lecture will always remain visible in the Notes area beside that lecture, so you can go back through the lectures and review your notes that way.

In addition, all of your notes for the entire course are gathered together on the course overview page.  If you have a lot of notes, a scroll bar will enable you to see all your notes.

In the image below, you can see some of the notes that our sample user has made for the Facebook Marketing course, as viewed from the Facebook Marketing course overview page.




Each note has two icon buttons

  • the book icon

  • hover over this icon to see which lecture this note was taken on

  • click the icon to jump to that lecture

  • the X icon - click this button to delete the note.


Searching your Notes

As we’ve mentioned, all the notes you’ve taken for the entire course are gathered together on the course overview page.

As well as scrolling through the list of notes, you can also sort your notes, and search in your notes.

Above the list of notes on the course overview page, you will see this:



The two icons on the top right are the sorting buttons:

  • the clock icon sorts your notes by date

  • the book icon sorts your notes by lecture

You will also have noticed the Search Note bar. Here, you can type in a keyword or phrase to search for in your notes.

For example, searching in the notes the sample user has made for the keyword “Page” returned a search result of three notes, which are displayed below the search box.


To go back to viewing all your notes after doing a search, empty the search box, and hit Enter on your keyboard.

Taking good notes will help you on your way to becoming an expert in the e-learning course material. Good luck!


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