Bookmark’s top focus is creating beautiful websites for our members, but we don’t stop there. We support your next steps to success with our free e-learning courses.

Bookmark e-Learning gives you intuitive, useful tools to help you advance your business and your career on the internet. Each course is written by experts in their field, allows you to learn at your own pace, and tests your understanding with quizzes. Plus, you’ll earn badges as you complete each course!

Let’s find out how to get started!


Step 1: Getting to the e-Learning section:

From your Bookmark Dashboard (your profile page you go to when you log in), click on the e-Learning tab just below the top image. This will take you to the front page of the e-Learning section.

Step 2: Choose a Course

You are now at the e-Learning main page.



As you scroll down the page, the courses are listed in a grid format. There is a large image for each course, with the course title below the image.


Here are the top nine courses, as an example:

Click anywhere on the course image or title box to open the course overview page. Opening the course overview page does not start the course - you still have a chance to preview it and view an introduction video before starting.


Step 3: Preview the Course

You’ve clicked a course to open it. Now you see the course overview page.

At the top of the course overview page, you will see the course title, author details and start button on the left side, and an introductory video box on the right. Take 30 seconds to watch the Introduction Video - it will give you a quick overview of the course, who it’s suitable for, and the benefits to taking it.

Here’s an example: the top part of the Facebook Marketing course overview page looks like this:


The course overview page also tells you the type of course it is - Bookmark offers two types: full courses and micro courses.

A micro course, as its name suggests, is a short course, consisting of 10 sections and one quiz. A full course has 25 sections which progress through Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert levels, each level with a quiz.

Our example course, Facebook Marketing, is a full course. Scrolling down the course overview page, you can see the Lectures Index for the three sections - Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert.

In contrast, a micro course only has 10 Lectures and one quiz. For example, here is the course overview page for the micro-course, Introduction to Evernote:



If you’d like to preview several courses before deciding which one to start, you can return to the e-Learning home page by clicking the e-Learning tab at the top of the course overview page.



Step 3: Start the Course

Once you’ve decided on a course to take, all you need to do to start the course is click the Start Course button!



The course will open to the Introduction page. Congratulations, you’re on your way to becoming an expert in the subject area!




Please see more of our e-Learning Guides if you’d like support as you progress through your course. We’re here to help!



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