The Design settings allow you to customize the appearance of the default text on your website. There are four types of text that you can customize in the Design settings:

  • Brand

  • Menu

  • Titles

  • Text



Brand refers to the area in your website’s header where you showcase the name or logo for your website. Your brand can be either an image file, or it can be text. The Design settings apply to a brand that is text.

Tip: if your template is using an image file for its brand, the brand settings will not appear in the Design area. Once you change the brand to text, the settings will appear.

See our guide: How do I change the font size or style for my website’s brand? for more information on setting up your website’s brand.



Menu refers to the navigation menu in your website’s header. Changing the menu design settings alters the size and appearance of the page titles in your website’s navigation menu.



The Titles setting applies to the text inside all Titles modules that you are using in your website. This includes any titles inside the template’s design, Sections, and any title modules that you add.



Similar to Titles, the text setting applies the font you select to all text modules in your website. This gives your site a very consistent look.

Remember, you can change the font size of titles and text modules on an individual basis using the module’s edit options. See our guides How to add and edit a text module and How to add a title module for more details.

Let’s walk through customizing the Design settings for the Elenore Designs template.


Step 1: Open your website by clicking the Edit button in the tab: Your Website.

Step 2: Choose the Settings Option in the left sidebar menu



Step 3: Choose the Design option from the Settings menu:

The Design options will now open in the left sidebar area. Notice that you need to scroll down to see the settings for Title and Text, as well as the very important SAVE button.



Design Settings: Brand

You can change the font and font size of your brand text. Click the drop-down arrow to view the font options. Click to select a font. To change the font size, click on the size you want.

Tip: Use the Default option to return to the original settings.

Let’s try changing the Brand settings for the Elenore Design template to font Comfortaa and size 32 point.



As you can see above, the new settings you choose will be immediately previewed on your site. To save your design settings, you need to scroll down inside the Design Settings area and click the Save button.


Design Settings: Menu

Similar to Brand, you can change the font and size of your menu. Click the drop-down arrow to view the font options. Click to select a font. To change the font size, click on the size you want.


Here is our example of Elenore Design with Menu font changed to Roboto, font size 22 point:



Again, the changes are immediately previewed on your website, but you need to scroll down to the Save button to keep them.



Design Settings: Titles and Text

Each template has been designed with a particular font that our designers chose. You can customize the font for all Titles and again for all Text modules in your site. Click the drop-down arrows to open the font choices. Preview them on your site, and then click Save to save your changes.


This concludes our Guide to the Design settings.



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